Thursday, May 23, 2013

concept art things n studies


  1. Colours are coming along great and the designs are bad ass! Small crit, I think the value range could be increased and better grouped in your grey scale sketches. Increase the value range/contrast more around the focal points, if I squint, say at your pilot or sniper, most of the modelling of the planes blends into one value over the entire figure..or it might just be a gamma/monitor thing! Probably better if I did a paint over as an example.

  2. Also update!!! Last post was May!?!1 pfffffffffffft

  3. Gunstarr bro! Thank you for stopping by and dropping some very good crits! Appreciated!
    I´ve been updating my tumblr at
    It´s way easier to manage than blogspot i´ve found.
    But i should keep this one updated as well i guess!
    Hope you´re doing good man.